February 27, 2008

Philip Pullman: Lyra's Oxford

I got this book as a birthday present while rereading His Dark Materials. It's a fairly short book, but I'd been curious about it for years. I was very happy to receive it!

Lyra has grown two years older in the time between when we left off with her in The Amber Spyglass and this book. In some ways her new maturity is fairly obvious - no longer a child quite as distrusting a before, nor the girl who always spoke in her usual ways. She is more of a little lady, though you'll still find her on rooftops, never fear.

The story comes with a few other things such as a map, some to do with this book, and others not. From the beginning there is the promise of more stories to come. Once Upon a Time in the North is due out later this spring, with another book or two similiar to this one on the horizon as well.