February 27, 2008

Helen Fielding: Bridget Jones's Diary

It seems like this book took forever. I was slow in beginning it last week because I was chatting on LT on my days off, and had very little time to read during the weekend. As a result, I didn't complete a book in a week's time for the second time this year, breaking my goal once more.

I saw part of the movie years ago, but remember very little of it so it wasn't damaging to my reading experience. Also, I did see connections to Pride and Prejudice as people have said there would be.

There were a few things I asked others about as I read this book and thus learned there are fourteen pounds to a stone. I never bothered to calculate how much Bridget's weight in pounds was. I'm still wondering what exactly 'instant' is - I gather it has something to do with lottery tickets. If anyone knows and would like to share, I would be happy to learn the full meaning.

Think really need to read book with proper sentences next so writing won't be damaged. ;)