February 25, 2008

New Book Releases

There are a few to-be-released books that I'm really looking forward to reading. I can't wait till they're released!

This Year

Charles de Lint: Dingo (March 13, 2008). More information here. I may put off reading this because I'm trying to not buy any books for a while, but I think I will get to it this summer. If it were a book from the Newford series and not a YA, I would make an exception.

Phillip Pullman: Once Upon a Time in the North (April 22, 2008). This continues The Dark Materials trilogy perhaps where Lyra's Oxford left off. It will be tiny, but I know I will still get around to reading it eventually.

Stephenie Meyer: The Host (May 6, 2008). This is the one book I will let myself buy new over the next few months. I already read the excerpt on Meyer's site. One of my co-workers also works for a publisher and has teased me about how she has to read an advanced reader's copy of it. She was very right when she had told me I would be jealous.

Cornelia Funke: Inkdeath (June 7, 2008). I still haven't read the second book in this trilogy yet, Inkspell, but I really enjoyed Inkheart and am sure I will read books one and two. Hopfully, I'll get to read book two before the release date of this book.

Stephenie Meyer: Breaking Dawn (August 2, 2008). This is the book I'm most excited about reading this year. I love the Twlight series but I'm sure that's obvious from my side panel. I really hope Meyer keeps the series going beyond this book.

Next Year

Jasper Fforde: Shades of Grey (July 2009). This book is a new series and I don't know anything about it yet other than what the UK cover looks like. I'm going to assume based on his other books that I'll want to read it, and if not, I'll probably still give it a try.

Jasper Fforde: 'One of Our Thursdays is missing' (July 2009). I feel confident that this title in making will change. I hope it's much better than the last book, First Among Sequels. That book expressed to me that he was running out of ideas. Everything that I loved about the series was gone. If the series doesn't improve, I'm through with buying the books as hardcovers.