February 7, 2008

Frances Hodgson Burnett: A Little Princess

This book tells the story of an incredibly amazing little girl, a true little princess at heart. Sara Crewe is just five years old when this book begins. She is incredibly kind, intelligent, and precious to her father.

Father and daughter must part as Sara must gain her education while Captain Crewe sails elsewhere, and he leaves her at a wealthy girl's school in England. Home is in India, but Sara has a unique and wonderful imagination to keep her happy. She adjusts to the school quickly, makes new friends, and is loved by many. Years pass. Sara is quick to catch the eye of what others don't notice and makes a forbidden friendship.

One day trouble arrives and Sara, who has always imagined herself as a princess to do the better good, struggles more than ever to keep her comfort. Life becomes hard in ways she never knew, and still this young girl doesn't fail to show her kind and generous side as she continues to dream up a world in which every girl is a little princess.

One morning Sara awakens to a dream. As things slowly begin to improve thanks to the kindess of a stranger, Sara finds the strength she needs to keep on going.

I really enjoyed this book. If you're considering reading it, I warn you that there are differences between the film versions and book. I didn't realize just how much till I read it, but I'll keep my mouth zipped about that.

This book has led me to seek The Secret Garden. I had loved watching the movie as a kid no matter how much teasing I suffered because of it, so I was happy when I learned the same author wrote both stories. I kind of want to go buy both movies so I can watch them over again.