February 20, 2008

Different Look

I was tired of the black background, so now my blog looks like this. I'm not really attached to it like this, either, so comments on what you think would be lovely. It was pink for about an hour, but it was just too much.

I didn't read yet today, but someone helped me pick out what to read next, so I'll be reading later today. I also got a book in the mail today, so my TBR is back to ninety-one books. It's nice that this number, while difficult to do anything but maintain, is going down. My work about had a fit when they heard I had about one-hundred books at home to read.

I was introduced to a site with counters today so now I have a nicer one to use for my progress as I read. I am attempting a minimum of one book each week, and therefore a minimum of fifty-two books this year. I've currently read fourteen and we are in the eighth week of 2008.

Changing my blog around, I've noticed the books I've yet to go back and write about are real eyesores. I hope to clear them up by the end of Friday.


foggidawn said...

I like the blue. It's restful.

Kerian said...

Thanks, foggi! :)