March 17, 2009

TBR Tuesday

I've recently explored other blogs quite a bit more than usual and have come across the title "TBR Tuesday." I hope no one will be upset if I use this, too. It just means they had a clever idea. I would like to twist it a bit to define what my own TBR Tuesday will be but am still in the thinking process. This is what I am thinking:

  • Select a book from my TBR pile.

  • Select the page number for which also represents the current number of books in my TBR pile.

  • Share a quote from it.

  • Share the book's summary.

  • It is my hope that this will be a way of rediscovering my To-Be-Read books because when you have so very many it is tough to keep them on in your head when many of them sound so very good.

    This week I picked up a book I chose for TBR Tuesday and found page 174 to be blank! This wasn't the best start. It seems Darcy's Story by Janet Aylmer wasn't the book for this week. With that, I selected a second book.

    Frank Beddor: The Looking Glass Wars

    Quote from the Book
    "Dodgson jumped up, spilling tea onto the rug and dropping his fountain pen, which dripped ink onto the pages of his journal." (Beddor 174)

    Summary from the Book
    "When she is cast out of Wonderland by her evil aunt Redd, young Alyss Heart struggles to keep memories of her queendom intact until she can return and claim her rightful throne."

    Website of Interest

    Why I Chose This Book
    I ended 2008 and began 2009 reading a two-in-one book of Lewis Carrol's, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. The Looking Glass Wars then seemed the perfect book today since I had been saving this book to read for more than a year before reading those two stories of Lewis Carrol's.


    Steph Su said...

    Definitely read this series! It's an interesting take on Alice in Wonderland. I liked it a lot, more so when I read it the second time. I hope you'll enjoy it. :)

    Ooh, and also TBR Tuesday sounds like such a good idea. I might borrow it...eventually...

    Kerian said...

    Thanks, Steph! I'm glad to hear good things about this book. I adore books that twist others around and hope to read this one soon.

    Regarding eventually...You amaze me how you accomplish so much! Your plate is full and yet you've read and blogged so much. It's outstanding. I am willing to bet success will have you wherever you want it. :)