March 4, 2009

My Rating System

I would like to provide an explanation of how I generally rate books.

5 stars: This was a truly outstanding book!

4.5 stars: Not the absolute best but an incredible read.

4 stars: This was a marvelous and very good book. Four stars and above are for favorites. They are books which I would consider rereading.

3.5 stars: This was better than the average book.

3 stars: This was a good book.

2.5 stars: I didn't enjoy this book so much.

2 stars: I wasn't too fond of this book.

1.5 stars: I probably only liked part of this book. It would probably be a book that is a collection of short stories in which I only read or liked a few of the stories and either didn't get to or didn't so much enjoy the rest of the stories.

1 star: I really didn't like this book.

0.5 stars: I couldn't stand this book at all.