September 17, 2007

YA Fantasy

I thought I was tired of these, but gave two a try, and the other I just had to read.

#15 Charles de Lint: Newford: Little (Grrl) Lost (August 2007)

This is the one I had to read. Charles de Lint is one of my favorite authors. Not wanting to pay full price for the hardcover, I put this book on my BookMooch wishlist hoping to either get it there, or wait for the paperback. Someone on BM had an ARC copy! I was the first to mooch it, and within two weeks, it was in my home. Of the author's YA books, this one most reminds me of The Blue Girl, however, I liked this book much more.

#20 Neil Gaiman: Stardust (September 2007)

Knowing full well it was a book, I couldn't go see the movie without first reading the book. I managed to read it in time to see the movie, and on the very same day I finished the book on. The two were very different from one another, but both were enjoyable.

#21 Frances Hardinge: Fly By Night (September 2007)

I got this book from someone on BookMooch, who had also registered it on BookCrossing. I hope they don't mind that I plan to keep it! This book was lovely. I will definitely reread it one day.