September 17, 2007

Introduction to the 'Twilight' series

In honesty I think I walked by Stephenie Meyer's Twilight a few times in the past, but never once picked it up to see what it was about. I found out a little here and there on LibraryThing from a friend, and got the first book last month. I couldn't put it down! Within a very short amount of time reading, I was hooked, and did little else but read. Twilight was amazing, and I used the last of my money save for $6 on the next book, New Moon, nevermind I would be broke for a week. That book, too, proved to be amazing, but I missed some things that weren't as much of the book as they'd been for the previous one. Hearing the third was greater, I pouted while waiting for the day to come that I could buy that one. Then I got my prize from a LibraryThing book review contest*, and happily ordered it using part of my winnings. Eclipse was perfect! Having completed the series so quickly, I join the group of impatiently waiting people for fall 2008 to arrive, and with it the next book in the series.

#17 Twilight (August 2007)
#18 New Moon (August 2007)
#19 Eclipse (August 2007

*The review contest was for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


Nikki said...

yeah, lol, i thought they were like okay, but like w/e you know...anyways, lkike yeah, isnt like breaking dawn or like w/e like cooming out like soon of like something....lawlz....I thought it would be funny to talk in idiot with a ll the likes and w/ was fun but now I am done, anyways, goodnight and goodbye my sweet, I have been watching you...

Kerian said...

I've been away from my blog for weeks because I haven't been able to bear reading without my cat to sit with me because he died so I've missed your comment until just tonight.

Thanks for that add-in clue, your comment makes loads more sense now. ;)

I'm really curious who you are. Your name does not link. Have you mixed me with another person...or do you know me? Or, goodness, are you quoting and I am seriously needing a Twilight series reread?