September 17, 2007

Works of Jane Austen

I originally meant to read all of her works before Jasper Fforde's newest Thursday Next book, First Among Sequels, was released this July. With the reading of Northanger Abbey, I decided I just wouldn't do this. There were too many books I wanted to read and too little time to read them in. I did have classes to think about as well.

#2 Sense and Sensibility (March 2007)
#6 Northanger Abbey (April 2007)

I do still have plans to read all of Jane Austens works, and soon. The next one I'll read will probably be Mansfield Park, which I bought back in April. I've bought and received quite a few books lately which require reading and understanding of all of her works before I can read them. Others are simply continuations of Pride and Prejudice, which I've read several times.

* Lost in Austen, and The Jane Austen Addict.
** Darcy's Story, Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife, and Mr. Darcy's Daughters.