August 7, 2010

Rebecca Maizel: Infinite Days

I've read a lot of vampire books, so when I got this one to review I wasn't sure how much I'd like it. One eventually begins to wonder if each new vampire book will seem much the same as some other novel previously read. For this book, that's definitely not the case. The gripping story posses a strong female main character not at all like other vampires from literature. She wants to be human!

Rebecca Maizel's Infinite Days tells the story of a vampire queen who cannot stand to live in the world of the dead any longer. Lenah wishes for freedom of the living and all that she missed from having died at the young age of sixteen. There is but one way to gain such a gift. Luckily for her, a dear friend, Rhode, loves Lenah enough to be able to give her such a gift, though at a terrible cost to himself. Lenah becomes a human teenager once more and attends a private high school where she must be careful to keep hidden from those who will seek for their unknowingly-turned human queen. Falling in love with both life and a human, it's only unpreventable that her past may catch up to her.

This book sucked me in right away, a choice of wording that I now have the pleasure of knowing would cause the main character to either smile or laugh. I couldn't stop reading until I'd finished. At times I wondered if some characters could be more in depth. However, it was never usually long after such thoughts that I would read something new and then snicker for a connection I'd find between myself and a character as their personalities, opinions and such came into better view.

I laughed, but I did not cry. I think I should have been able to do that. One possible explanation is that it may be that this story could benefit from a deeper connection between readers and the main character, along with the different types of relationships she has within this book. I strongly feel though that I may have simply been stubborn believing Lenah to be meant to be in love with someone else. Oh, well. This being book one in what I've read is to be a series, I can't wait to get my hands on the next book.


Faye said...

i can't wait 2 start this!

lisa :) said...

I requested this one thorough Early Reviewers too, but got picked for a different one. Glad to see you liked it though, great review!

Kerian said...

It was very good, Faye!

Thank you, Lisa! I wish I could send my copy to you. I would were it not that it will be in the home of another LT member soon. I hope you may still read it.

lisa :) said...

You're sweet to even think of sending it along! Truthfully, I have so many books that I'm eager to read that I'm sure this one will be released by the time I get to it!

Kerian said...

Thank you, lisa. Oh, it has already been released! Infinite Days was released on August 3rd. I know exactly what you mean by having so many books you want to read right now, though. I find myself in the same shoe.