August 9, 2010

Juliet Marillier: "The Dark Mirror"

Having really enjoyed everything else I've read by Juliet Marillier, I decided to give another series a try. The Dark Mirror is the first book in the Bridei Chronicles which consists of three books.

In this book a very young boy, Bridei, is taken from his family of noble blood to be raised by a foster parent, a powerful druid known as Broichan. Never revealing just what he has in store for Bridei's future, Broichan raises Bridei in a way that prepares him for a very meaningful future. Bridei is given the best of educations from Broichan and others in their community. While Bridei is still young a baby is left at their door. From that time on Bridei sets himself to protect and care for her, a girl deemed by others to be of the untrusted Fair Folk. Bridei and the girl, Tuala, become very close friends. Once Bridei is nearly an adult he begins to live the life planned for him and the two friends are deliberately separated in fear that Tuala will cause the ruin of Bridei's greater purpose in life.

Some parts of this book were sad indeed. Bridei is a child of merely four years old when taken away to where he must be tough and learn to be wise. Taula had her own sadness, outcasted at different times and in want of her only true friend. Despite hardships and pain this book works into a beautiful story. I knew when I was still in the middle of the book that I wanted to continue reading the rest of the series. This is why I'm still in the midst of the series as I type this.

My favorite of Marillier's books remains Heart's Blood after having read that, the current four books in the Sevenwaters series, and two out of three books in the Bridei Chronicles. I'm really looking forward to reading the final book to this series.


lisa :) said...

I'm not familiar with the series or the author, but it sounds really good. Is Heart's Blood part of a series? Maybe I'll check out that one!

Kerian said...

Heart's Blood is a great place to start! Unlike all of the authors other works, it's a standalone. I'm optimistic that Marillier may write a companion to it or create a series out of it in the future. I'm secretly hoping that's what she's working on right now.

I might also mention another title of hers to you: We have a few friends who've enjoyed Marillier's young adult book, "Wildwood Dancing." It has a sequel and both books are in my TBR pile.

lisa :) said...

Sweet - I'll add them to my list!