January 21, 2009

Which Bennet Sister Are You?

I've fallen behind on reviewing what I've read but am working on some posts. In the meantime here is a fun quiz. Have you read Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice"? It's one of my favorites! Take this quiz to discover which of the five Bennet sisters is most like you.

I took this quiz twice with the same result both times. However, I needed a tie breaker on the second attempt.

You Scored as Elizabeth

Elizabeth Bennet is intelligent witty. She sometimes judges people before she knows them but changes her opinion when she knows she was wrong about someone. She is considered somewhat of a tomboy but usually doesn't care what people think. She may have a hard shell but is extremely loving to those she cares for.

My first attempt at this quiz provided me with the following information, though the second time left it out entirely for odd some reason. (It probably has to do with the tie.)

Elizabeth . . . 81%
Jane Bennet . . . 72%
Kitty Bennet . . . 56%
Mary Bennet . . . 44%
Lydia Bennet . . . 16%