March 5, 2008

TBR Pile Soaring

On Sunday morning a small book sealed in plastic was handed to me after appearently being passed around the breakfast table. It had entered the house within a box of cereal. I was baffled over that. I thought it was supposed to be a joke that my family wanted me to have it, but they were serious. I became the owner of Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black's The Spiderwick Chronicles Great Escape, special edition of The Seeing Stone, Volume 3.

On Tuesday around noon the mail arrived. I immediately brought it into the house and sorted it. Not a moment after I sat down again, there was the sound of the mailbox opening again. Through the window I could see packages being placed in the mailbox, so I went out to fetch them. One of the three packages was addressed to me. I opened it to find the first two books in Rachel Craine's Morganville Vampires series, Glass Houses and The Dead Girl's Dance. My mooched books had arrived.

Tuesday evening found me wandering around a mall while waiting to be taken home because it seems no one wants me to walk outside at night. With a half hour to stall, I remembered that I hadn't bought the one book I would allow myself to buy after not buying any during February. From my game of walking through the book aisles in Target knowing I couldn't pick any books out, I knew exactly where to find the books I wanted. I went straight to them and picked three up continplating which to chose. In the end everything weighed down so that I picked Cornelia Funke's Inkheart. It was the cheapest, had the most pages, and the last book in the trilogy comes out later this spring.

My TBR pile now consists of 94 books. Better get reading.