March 5, 2008


This blog entry is all wrong for this blog (a few entries probably are) but as I've yet to create a blog less about books and because there may be a chance that certain people may read this, I'm going to post this here.

LibraryThing has been my favorite website ever since I discovered it. I love it very much and have made many friends on the site particularly in one group. When LT is down for those rare longer amounts of time such as now, I wish we'd had a website created allowing us to still chat up a storm as per usual.

I googled 'Hogwarts Express' and stared at the many trains that showed up as a result while ideas began to come to me. (On another tab right now is this one.) Because I'm all for sharing ideas and discussion before starting such a site, none can be used without contacting others in the group. *waves* Miss you guys!

The first thing I thought of is the obvious of providing a link to our group chatroom. The site should have a place where people can post so we can communite without the chatroom as well. This is with keeping in mind the average LTer cannot enter chatrooms while at work, where most LTers are when they go on LT. (Click here if your boss is coming. ;) Something I thought would be neat would be to have a list of blogs by our group members but only by those who are willing to share them.

Just checked the site again, and LT's homepage is loading and has a status message. Since it looks like it will work soon, I'm going to go ahead and end this entry to discuss in the right place.