March 24, 2008

2008 Challenges

At first I thought this would be silly but eh, if I don't complete it, so what. I guess that's not the right attitude to be entering these, but it is very late and I am short on words. These are simply main goals.

Jane Austen Challenge:
Goal: To read the following books so I may at last enjoy Emma Campbell Webster's Lost in Austen. It will be well-worth the award.
Mansfield Park

YA Series Starters:
The following are books I own that are in a series. For some of them, I already own the second book(!) so I really need to get these read.
Frank Beddor: The Looking Glass Wars
Rachel Caine: Glass Houses
Christopher Paolini: Eragon
Angie Sage: Magyk
Jonathan Stroud: The Amulet of Samarkand

Short Story Collections:
I own many of these in fantasy. I wish to complete reading one of them this year.


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hi kerian

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