January 10, 2008

Holly Black: Ironside

I was happy to finally get into this one. I'd bought it on New Year's Eve and don't know why I didn't start reading that one first instead of the Maguire's awful book. Ironside is the third book in a YA series. Like the first two books, I read it quickly, finishing it actually on the ninth of this month. (No computer access at the time.) If Black continues the series, I will most definitely read whatever book(s) come(s) next.

Before reading this book, I didn't plan anything special for my first book of the year. I plucked from Gregory Maguire's What the Dickens off a shelf and struggled to read it for days before I put it aside and decided I was through. I hate doing that, but the book honestly seems as though it's only adult audience would be those who read it out loud to children.