January 26, 2008

Melissa de la Cruz: Masquerade

(A review will be inserted here shortly.)


Anonymous said...

Hello, I am librarian, and I have a question to you:

Are you read this book??:

"The host" by Stephenie Meyer

My mail: lucero34@gmail.com

I am interested in read it, but I don´t have the book...you can pass me a copy by pc?? or photocopies ??? I can´t wait to read it!!

Thank you very much

(Noemi, from Spain, 34 years old)

or if you know a web where I can buy this book now...(not in mai 08), I will be more grateful for this information. Thank you!

Kerian said...

Hello, Noemi.

No, I'm not reading "The Host." Like you, I would love to read it, though. I don't have an advanced copy and am waiting till May 6th for when it will be released. I think it will be a good book. I loved Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series and hope this new series will be good as well.

Good luck to you in finding this book early. :)


Anonymous said...

hello, Noemi

this is Cathy
i do love Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, and i am here to tell you that if you like that book you shoule try a book called the Blue Bloods by Mellisa De la cruz it's amazing, but still twilight is better :)

good luck finding the book called the host, i can't read it yet my mom doesn't let me read it

bye bye :)