October 30, 2007

"Would it be childish of me to hide in your closet, then?"

I couldn't very well reread Twilight and not reread the rest of the series.

#26 Stephenie Meyer: New Moon (October 2007)

It was different reading this book than the last time, and I think the bigest reason why is because I wasn't constantly thinking "Where's Edward?" I pulled myself through this book quickly as I knew it would get better in the next book. As much as I've said this is my least favorite book in the Twilight series, it does have some good moments, too. Jacob, for as much as I want to hit him at times, was there for Bella when she had no one else. He helped her return to a sort of state of what it feels like to be happy. I wish I hadn't waited so long after rereading it to post about it - I could do a much better job of writing about it, but oh well. Must catch up!

Oh, and as for the quote, I chose it because it made me think of another book, one of the few I read as a child: Where the Wild Things Are.