June 12, 2007

"So You Think You Know Harry Potter?"

Then you better check yourself in, 'cause - I don't mean to break your heart - he's fictional. (Hehe, I had to say it. ;)

LibraryThing never came back on today, so I guess I won't be there much until next Wednesday. :( The terrible shame of this is that I received a long awaited for book this afternoon that I had mooched back in April just for using in the Harry Potter group on LT! Now I can give a Bowser laugh when at last LT is up, and I can let the other group members know it's arrived. ;) Let the questions begin! (But not till after work tomorrow, if LT is back up.)

With all the down time lately, I've picked up and finished my book. Instead of jumping into he next HP book, though, I'm reading one I mooched a while back, called
The End of Harry Potter? by David Langford. After twenty pages, I'm guessing it won't be all it's made out to be, and I'm glad to say it may have only cost me $1.33.