June 12, 2007

LT *and* BM down!

LibraryThing was working again last night, but as of twenty minutes, is down again. I didn't even get a chance go on it this morning. Before I even checked their site, I checked my e-mail, and found a BookMooch wishlist e-mail. I held my breath and clicked to try to mooch the book, logged in, and found only the words "To where do you want the book sent?". Before I realized the page was done loading, I was ecstatic that I would get to mooch it. Then I got all upset, because of course BM wouldn't come back on at a time I can get the book! The site is down so frequently, that I almost want to pull all my books off it, and not return. This sort of thing has happened to me far too many times. Furthermore, it seems to be down near every time that LT is down. I know they're completely separate, but I still wonder why that happens. It's very irritating, but beyond that, as far as BM is concerned, an huge inconvenience.