April 26, 2008

Rachel Caine: The Dead Girls' Dance

I'm a little baffled why the book was given the title it was. The Dead Girls' Dance is indeed an event in this book...however it's so very brief and hardly a part of the book at all! That said, this book is in need of a different title.

This was another quick read that I would have finished yesterday had I not been LTing all day. With reading this second book, the characters are finally starting to have some decent character development. The story goes very fast and it seems as though the whole time the main characters are on one mission or another, always busy, always watching out for what might lurk in the dark. I'd keep reading the series, but I'm unfortunately out of Morganville books. I would definitely love to find out what happens next.


jugglingpaynes said...

Hi K,

I'm just checking my link. I was going to visit your blog while LT was offline and realized I had accidentally linked to your LT profile. Gah!

What do you think of the covers of these books? I think I would never pick it up because the cover makes me think "teenage girl fluff."

I'm a snob. I know.

Peace and Laughter!

Kerian said...

Funny enough I just noticed that on your blog earlier today. ;) Reading blogs during LT downtime is the norm for me, though today I had other things to do.

I have to completely agree with you about these book covers! I would never pick them up based on them. They're really fast reads and I could call them teenage girl fluff indeed. They were far from great books, not even necessarily good books, but just 'ehh' even.

Suge mentioned the books to me a while ago when she read them. They were just easy to read after a long period of not reading. I'm feeling more like short books right now. I'll get back to regular reading soon. One of the books I'm reading now is a thicker book that will take a few days.